Security policy

Provision of information by the Client. 

When registering on the Site, the Client provides the following information: Last name, First name, email address, phone number, password to access the Site.

When placing an order, the Client may provide the following information: Last name, First name, address for delivery of orders, contact phone number.

By providing his personal data during authorization/registration on the site, the Client agrees to their processing for an indefinite period in order to fulfill the Seller's obligations to the client, sell them goods and provide services, provide them with reference information, as well as to promote goods, works and services. When processing the Client's personal data, the online store is guided by the law "On Personal Data" and local regulations.

The Client has the right to receive information regarding the processing of his personal data (including about the methods and purposes of processing, about persons who have access to his personal data or to whom personal data may be disclosed on the basis of an agreement with the online store or on the basis of the law, on the terms of processing).

 Use of information provided by the Client and received by the Seller. 

The Seller uses the data provided by the Client during the entire period of registration of the Client on the Site in order to:

- to register/authorize the Client on the Site;

- to process the Client's orders and fulfill its obligations to the Client;

- to carry out activities to promote goods and services;

- to analyze the Client's purchasing characteristics and provide personal recommendations .