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Customizing the appearance of the store for your product

All categories, logo, banners and products are easily added using the control panel.

Any store is suitable for any product

No matter which demo item is in the store now.

Store launch in
1 day

Installation and initial setup of the store in 1 business day.

Support, videos and instructions

We provide technical support, detailed instructions and videos on working with the store.

We work with clients all over the world

except Russia and Belarus. Convenient payment methods for everyone.

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Main features of the store

How to buy an online store site inexpensively and get free advertising as a gift.

Our site store offers all its customers an unprecedented promotion - discounts when buying an online store from 50% to 80%. Hurry up to buy an online store before the end of the day and get up to $75 for advertising* and free hosting for 1 year.

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Buy a ready-made online store

The price of any ready-made online store 320 USD.
You can buy a ready-made online store for $320 at and start selling in 1 day. Nowhere else can you find a ready-made online store at this price. The average price for stores is 4-9 times higher, and the quality of competitors' stores is usually worse.
Average rating of our online stores by customers 9 from 10. Estimated 27 customers who bought the store and rated it. Many of them came on the recommendations of their relatives and friends who bought the store before.

Buying an online store is cheap or ordering a creation from scratch, but expensive.

When buying a store, you get a number of advantages over ordering such a site on a turnkey basis.

  • The most basic advantage is that the store is already functioning, it is in the search engine results for many queries, it has visitors who are ready to buy. This, in turn, will allow the store to quickly recoup the investment and begin to make a profit.
  • It is also important that you see what your future site will look like even before you buy it. This will allow you to save on making changes and improvements that will definitely arise when developing an online store to order.
  • You get a ready-made online store in just a few hours after payment. If you order the development of such a store website, then it will take you from 3 weeks to several months.
  • The cost of buying a ready-made online store is lower than ordering from scratch, especially if you manage to take advantage of our discount offer up to 80%.

The advantages are obvious, but there are also disadvantages to this approach. The main disadvantage is that you get a ready-made site and if you want to radically change something on the site, you will have to bear additional costs. However, these costs are incomparable with the order of a new site. Therefore, this disadvantage is not so significant and the advantages of buying a store more than cover this disadvantage.

The main features of the ready-made online store that you are going to buy. 

  • Thoughtful design of the site, convenient system of navigation and search for necessary information. All these and some other subtleties in the development of the store allow you to increase the usability (usability) of the site for your potential customers.
  • A convenient system for placing an order and making purchases allows you to increase the conversion of your online store by 1.5-2 times, and this, accordingly, increases your profits.
  • A multifunctional online store management system allows you to manage products, their properties and descriptions, categories, prices, orders, discounts and many other important parameters of the store without additional knowledge and skills.
  • An effective product search system on the site by characteristics, prices, manufacturers and many other criteria allows you to quickly find exactly what the user wants to buy among a large assortment. This will allow the user not to waste precious time and not leave your site in search of a more convenient store from your competitors.
  • Built-in main systems of payment and delivery of goods, the ability to add new payment and delivery methods.
  • Regular backup of your store data to prevent loss of information in case of possible software or hardware failures.
  • The structure and code of the online store are optimized for site promotion in search engines, so further work on promoting your site will be easier and cheaper.
  • Your store visit statistics will allow you to identify the most popular products that your customers are looking for, evaluate search and advertising traffic, and use this data to further build an advertising strategy and choose the most effective ways to attract potential buyers.

In addition to all the main features that were listed above, all customers who decide to buy an online store in our site store will receive gifts and pleasant surprises.

This is free technical support during the first month of operation of the site. Also, you will receive a free domain and hosting for a whole year, discounts for promoting your store in the web studio, and a $75 check to advertise your site in the contextual network. All these offers will allow you to save a lot on launching an online store, and if you take into account the discounts of up to 80% that we provide to all our customers, then you can buy a ready-made website for almost a penny.

You can buy an online store through our website in the appropriate section, simply by adding the site you like to the basket and placing an order, or by contacting us through the contacts section, by writing to e-mail

Ready-made online stores for a thriving business.

  • ready-made online stores are designed to conduct your business in the worldwide information network. Round the clock and without restrictions in territorial placement;
  • using the possibilities of Internet resources will allow you to bring your business to new regions and find new trade relations;
  • products of the company, this is the last word in the achievements of design and marketing technologies in the development of Internet sites, which give a guaranteed high result and an impetus to the development of your enterprise;
  • managing an online store, the owner every minute receives complete information on sales statistics, customer demand and monitors the conduct of business.
The problems of the modern market are that a potential buyer is not informed about the products available from sellers. When investing in the purchase of goods, or opening a business, an entrepreneur needs to take care of marketing products and attracting customers. If you decide to buy a website or an online store, it will avoid a lot of marketing problems. Twenty-four hours, seven days a week, your online store allows you to effectively advertise goods and services, provides complete information about them, and also allows the buyer to easily place orders and make purchases. A ready-made online store from carries all the necessary functions for the smooth operation of your trading company on the Internet. Doing business from offline retail space has its drawbacks and depends on many factors: the liveliness of the location of the store, the convenience of access to it and the availability of parking, weather conditions, the need for material advertising media, the lease of retail and advertising space, security, the installation of fire alarms and much more. Purchasing a ready-made store, if you already have existing retail space and premises, will open up additional business opportunities through online advertising and the ability for customers to make online purchases while away from your store.
Often an entrepreneur has a situation where it is necessary to carry out a one-time operation to sell goods or provide services of a non-permanent nature, for this you can rent a ready-made online store in our company.

Setting up ready-made online stores for the individual characteristics of the business.

Despite the large number of ready-made online stores offered, each entrepreneur sees the work procedure and structure of his enterprise in his own way. The options and settings of the online store from make it possible to fully adapt it to all the requirements and features of your individual commercial activity. The entrepreneur is given a unique opportunity to choose and buy a site - a ready-made development by, and to customize it on his own or with our help.

Selection and purchase of a ready-made online store, further cooperation with BuySite4u.

The software product from will reliably protect the interests of your business and ensure the smooth operation of your store. Do not waste your time and money searching for and purchasing unfinished software products from dubious manufacturers. The affiliate program provides for the possibility of further cooperation with its customers for the quality work of ready-made online stores.

*subject to ordering contextual advertising settings at The amount for advertising depends on the country in which you are located and on your spending on advertising.

Order an online store inexpensively. Which is better - order the development of a turnkey online store or buy a ready-made version from $ 270.

To date, any successful project, in all areas of activity, is impossible without reliable software. After preparing the material component of a commercial project, an entrepreneur necessarily faces the problem of finding a sales market or target audience. Many businessmen make the right bet and decide to order an online store. What are the advantages of this option:
  • A modern entrepreneur is attracted by the complete automation of the search process, the selection of a product or service by a site visitor, and its “conversion” into a buyer.
  • Also, this choice simplifies the work with the store for the owner, makes it possible to add new products and services, change prices and helps in carrying out other operations with the goods in just a few clicks.
  • Plus, the store takes care of payment and delivery issues.
  • Also, it would not be superfluous to say that you can not only order the development of a turnkey online store, but also buy a ready-made online store.
  • This approach allows you to work with high-quality software that has already been tested on hundreds of projects. This makes it possible to quickly start and grow the business as a whole.

Today, there is practically no such type of activity that could do without promotion on the Internet. A project manager or business owner, when deciding which direction to move on and choosing further prospects, for example, opening a new direction or expanding an existing production (trade), will definitely face the need to order a website or an online store. If we constantly analyze the conduct of modern trade and the market for the provision of services, we can conclude that there are many types, subspecies, various modifications and versions of seemingly the same product or service. For example, in the building materials trade there are several dozen types of drywall (which are divided by thickness, density, moisture resistance, etc.). The buyer, after studying and choosing, makes a purchase of drywall and, as a rule, orders tools for its installation and tools on the same site. That is, the buyer must be attracted by the fact that he is given a choice among a large assortment of goods. All this requires a clear classification and compilation of catalogs for potential buyers who value their time, comfort and quickly find what they need on your site. Therefore, setting up your business segment in the stormy sea of ​​the modern economy, you will definitely come to the decision to order the creation of an online store for the full implementation of your plans.

Ordering the creation of a turnkey online store is inexpensive!
You can order the creation of an online store very quickly and adapt it to your business as much as possible. At the moment, you can find many proposals for software and support on the net for almost all types of commercial projects. In order to order an online store inexpensively, you need to seek help from companies that have solid experience and reduce prices due to a large selection of software products for any type of trade and services, and as a result of this great demand among buyers. When choosing a company where you want to buy an online store to order, pay attention to the full list of offered types of websites. You should be alerted by the presence of a small number of ready-made online stores that are made to order. This may indicate poor experience and unreliable software of this company and, as a rule, you may have many problems in the future. On the contrary, the presence of a sufficient number of completed projects and turnkey ready-made online stores indicates the reliability of the company. Also, if a company offers an online store order on a ready-made platform that has already been tested on many projects, then such an offer should also be considered as a quick start option with the subsequent expansion of the capabilities and functionality of your store. Companies that sell ready-made websites and fully accompany their customers can be counted on the fingers, one of them is Before placing an order for an online store, do not forget about such an important component as its functionality, because convenience and simplicity will depend on the speed and comfort when filling it with goods, as well as further administrative work and settings.
Order the development of an online store at or buy a ready-made store.
The opportunity to order an online store in Ukraine from the buysite4u company is used not only by residents of our country. Our capabilities extend to work with foreign customers. We provide convenient step-by-step instructions for working with online stores and websites of the buysite4u company on the YouTube channel, as well as online support when working through Skype and Viber. This approach allows residents of Belarus, Russia, Europe and other countries of the world to successfully use our software, saving money on developing sites in their countries, where this service is much more expensive. Also, Russian-speaking entrepreneurs from far abroad use the opportunity to order the development of an online store from buysite4u to conduct sales in their countries. Many domestic and foreign customers have decided to create a website or an online store in our company, thanks to the comprehensive support and ensuring the reliable operation of their projects by our company's team. You can order an online store in Kyiv, where the office of our company is located, at a personal meeting with employees and clearly see the quality of our developments and their compliance with the requirements of modern marketing. Our customers, outside the capital and the country, can get acquainted with our projects on our website, as well as upon request by email or skype.
Development of an online store - turnkey price for ready-made options from $ 270
Prices for creating online stores can range from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands. When ordering an online store, you need to pay attention not only to the price, but also to the work already done. Quite often, in the online store development market, some unscrupulous sellers use any available software downloaded on the Internet (very often pirated), which does not provide all the intricacies of a particular project. As a result, there are problems and interruptions in the normal operation of the site and its promotion in search engines. Creating an online store website that brings profit, not problems, can only be done by professional and experienced programmers. Any handicraft product entails unpleasant consequences for the business and can create a negative stereotype for the businessman regarding the conduct of sales on the Internet. The development of an online store and the price you pay for it will give disproportionately more benefits to your company and increase its competitiveness many times over. It is necessary to take into account the fact that the creation of online stores should provide not only for its work according to a predetermined profile, but also for its rapid restructuring under constantly changing business conditions. If you try to sell you a "standard" site "for all occasions" without the possibility of adapting it to your business, you should refuse such an offer. If the software seller cannot provide you with comprehensive information on how to work with the site options or is unable to constantly conduct online consultations, feel free to refuse these offers and look for a more competent seller who can safely order the creation of an online store.

What is better - to buy a ready-made store or to order the creation of a turnkey online store?

When visiting the buysite4u website, pay attention to a large selection of different software products: online stores, websites, landing pages. All these developments, in turn, are classified by type of commercial activity for the sale of various goods and the provision of services. That is, buysite4u offers solutions for almost any type of business on the Internet, and if something is missing, then we will develop it for you. Regardless of whether you are new to Internet technologies or have solid experience in online sales, save your time and take advantage of our reasonable pricing policy. You can order an online store on the website of our company in one click. After that, you will immediately receive qualified assistance from a specialist in starting and organizing the work of your “electronic assistant”. There are also options when our customer determines additional conditions that are dictated by the peculiarities of his business, and the buysite4u team develops an online store or website in a short time according to these requirements. In any case, when ordering a site, you will receive complete and comprehensive information about the software product that you will receive and support for working with your site.
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