Buy a ready-made business

Buy a ready-made turnkey business - sale of a ready-made online store business.

To all sites that are presented in our site store in the section "buy a ready-made online store" We do discounts up to 35%. We also provide free hosting for 1 year and free money for contextual advertising*.

Buy a ready-made business

Buy a ready-made business - an online store with goods and suppliers.

The cost of buying a ready-made business from 780 USD.
You can buy a ready-made business - an online store with goods and suppliers for $780 at and not invest a lot of money in website development.
Evaluation of our sites 9 from 10 based on 27 reviews from our customers who rented or bought the site.

Advantages and conditions of buying a ready-made business.

  • Low initial cost of buying a business compared to starting the same business from scratch. For novice businessmen who do not know where to start their business, the option to buy a turnkey business is quite attractive in terms of small initial investments and a simple start. In addition, there is an opportunity to decide in the future what type of business will be the most optimal and interesting for you and retrain the store in a new direction. This is an important point, because a business must also bring pleasure, in addition to money, otherwise it will close sooner or later.
  • Quick start of your project - the very next day after making a payment and purchase, you can start working with the store, add your information, contact details and fully advertise it, attracting new customers. That is, you will spend 1 day to launch something that, when starting from scratch, takes several months.
  • There is no need to take care of technical support and monitoring the performance of the online store. We take care of all these issues for the entire period of using our services. the first month all these services are already included in the cost of the site.
  • Domain, hosting and mail are already included in the cost of the business, which will also allow you to save money and resources at the start.
  • In the future, when you finally understand that the site brings you a significant flow of customers and profits, you can add new sections, products and suppliers, expand the range and increase income. We also help with importing a new product to the site and adding products from competitor sites.
  • Our ready-made online stores are already indexed by search engines and are in the results for a number of thematic queries, which allows you to immediately start converting visitors into buyers of your product.
  • All our sites are based on the most modern CMS, which is regularly updated, so there will be no security problems and possible failures.
  • Ease of site management using a multifunctional administration system that allows you to easily make changes and add any information to the site.
  • Discounts on the promotion of the purchased store and up to $60 on advertising your online resource as a gift.

How is the process of buying a ready-made business.

  • You choose in our catalog of ready-made online stores for business the option that you like best or you consider it the most promising and bringing maximum profit.
  • Together we come up with the original name of the store, if you do not already have one. We check whether the corresponding domain is free and register it. There is no additional payment for domain registration and hosting, since they are already included in the cost of a ready-made business.
  • You pay the agreed cost of a ready-made turnkey business in any convenient way.
  • After payment, our specialists install the store on hosting and tie up a new domain to the site.
  • We provide you with data for access to site management and a guide for working with the site (text and video instructions). In addition, you can contact our specialists at any time during working hours, they will always help you solve the problem and answer all your questions.
  • Now you can independently manage the site and make any necessary changes to the structure and information on the site.
  • Also, you can always contact us for advice and assistance in advertising and promotion of a ready-made business that you have bought. In addition, you benefit from all discounts and promotions for all services of the studio.

Buy a ready-made business online store - a new service.

Buying a ready-made online store business is a new type of our service, which appeared relatively recently, but many customers have already taken advantage of our offer and were very satisfied. Especially when you consider that you, as a customer, do not need to think about anything, you just need to choose the site that you like the most and click the button. We will do the rest for you, you will only have to receive calls and make a profit, but this is already much easier.

What possible problems or questions may arise when buying a ready-made online store as a business.

  • The most important point is to choose the right store and product option, since all your further activities will revolve around this product. If you do not like the theme of the store, then you should not choose it, even though it will bring good income. After a while, you will no longer be happy with the money that a new business brings you and you will no longer enjoy what you are doing. This is the very first signal that your business will soon begin to decline.
  • Therefore, even if there is no topic in our catalog of ready-made online stores that you like, leave a request and we will make a new turnkey online store and fill it with the product you choose.
  • The second important point is the time you are willing to devote to your business. At the initial stage, be prepared to work hard to reach the level of profit that suits you. This is due to the fact that the market is very tough competition and all profitable niches are occupied. Therefore, you should not think that your business is rest and work when you want. In the future it will be so, but for this you need to work long and hard.
  • The third nuance is that your income expectations will not correspond to reality at the initial stage. This is also related to competition, as discussed in the previous paragraph.
  • The next pitfall is the additional cost of advertising your store. Depending on the subject and competition in your niche, the cost of contextual and other types of advertising can be quite significant and sometimes make up the majority of your profits. Therefore, we also provide the service of setting up contextual and product advertising for our clients, you do not need to look for a contractor on the side to solve this important task.
  • It is also equally important to correctly set up all business processes for receiving orders, processing and sending them to customers. We also suggest these nuances to our clients.
  • It is better to start your first online business selling goods through an online store using the dropshipping system. What is the main advantage of this type of doing business on the Internet is that. that you only need to bring a client to your site and take an order from him. Then you transfer this order to your supplier who works on this dropshipping system, and already all the worries about sending the order, storing, packaging, etc. your supplier decides. You only get the difference between the selling price in your store and the price your supplier gives you for that item.

What is included in the cost of a ready-made business - an online store with a supplier and goods.

  • Of course, the design and all the software modules that you see when viewing the site are included in the price.
  • Also, all our sites are developed on the basis of a content management system, which allows you to independently manage both the appearance of the site and its text and graphic content.
  • The server on which all the files and the site database are stored is called hosting, it is also included in this price and you do not need to pay for it separately for the first year.
  • All sites in our store of ready-made sites are hosted on several domains or subdomains, these domains are also included in the cost of the landing page. If you want your site to be on your own domain, then we can register it for you. We take care of connecting your own domain, we solve all technical issues for free.
  • For more efficient operation of your site, you need to constantly collect traffic statistics, the traffic analysis system is included in the cost of a ready-made online store and is also connected for free. For those clients who need a CRM system (this is a customer relationship management system), we offer the connection of such a system to the site for a separate nominal fee.
  • The cost of buying a ready-made turnkey business also includes the first month of technical support for the site, regular copying of site data to an additional server, advice and assistance in case of any questions related to the site.
  • Also, if when ordering you indicated that you need help in filling the site with your product, writing texts and preparing graphics or making changes to the code, then the team of our specialists will start making these changes after agreeing on the task.
  • After that, you use a ready-made business on the Internet and make a profit with minimal start-up costs.
  • If you decide to fill the site with your own information, then use the reference information on our site, documentation on working with the site, video instructions and get advice and advice from our specialists.
  • If necessary, you can also order contextual advertising with a 50% discount to attract an additional flow of potential customers to your site.
The main advantages of buying a ready-made business before starting it from scratch.
  • One of the most important pluses is the cost. Buying a ready-made turnkey business is several times cheaper than starting such a business from scratch with the development of the same online store on order in a reliable company that will make a really high-quality project.
  • It is also important that you get a ready-made online store with goods and suppliers within a short time (you will receive it from us within 1 day). If you order development, you will have to wait several weeks or even several months, losing all this time profit and potential customers.
  • And the third main advantage is the visibility of the whole process. You see exactly the business that you will get as a result, and you understand that you are paying not for something virtual and not yet existing, but for a real project that is ready to make a profit today.

To buy a ready-made online store business, you just need to select the desired website and place an order, or call or write to any convenient messenger +38 063 306 50 80, write to the mail or order an online consultation and we will advise you and help you make the best choice.

Since our offer with a 35% discount and all bonuses and gifts is limited in time, we advise you to order now!

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